1. Power off VESC

2. Find UART port

3. Connect the transmitter

4. Power on VESC

5. Connect VESC to your computer with USB cable

6. Run VESC Tool and click Read app configuration

7. App Settings → General, change APP to PPM and UART

8. App Settings → UART, make sure Baudrate is 115200 bps

9. Click Write app configuration

10. Open metr application on your mobile

11. Switch to Settings and click Scan

12. Select detected transmitter. Done!


1. If you want to change configuration over bluetooth with perimetr, you need VESC firmware version 3.29 or newer. Use official VESC Tool to update.


1. Pair your smart watch with your mobile device

2. Open metr application on the watch

3. Open metr application on the mobile and enable watch in Settings

4. Open Realtime tab, long press anywhere, you will enter Layout Mode. In the Layout Mode you will see small watch icons. Select which data you want to display on your watch