When will my order be shipped?

On average orders will be shipped within 5 days when the modules are in stock.

Where is my tracking number?

All orders are shipped with tracked post. When the order is shipped you will receive an email from PayPal with the tracking number. You can track your order here. Put in your tracking number and the date you received the email from PayPal.

How long does shipping take?

For a detailed information for your country check Deutsche Post.

How do I connect Metr Pro module?

Check the setup guide https://metr.at/setup#connect
For almost all ESCs like VESC 6, VESC 4.12, FOCBOX Unity, FOCBOX, FSESC4.20 etc. the module is plug and play. The only known hardware with a different pinout is ESCape, where you need to swap all 7 pins around. For hardware versions with a 8 pin connector like the VESC 6 plug it in so that ADC3 pin is free. Always make sure 3.3V is connected to 3.3V and GND to GND before powering up.

How do I connect Metr Pro UNITY module?

Check this document for installation https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zXCKjTeobXTEVZPZmjEZZ9O1KJtKPz8Pgp9G-Dbd3yw

What pins of the JST connector are necessary for Metr Pro to work?

Only four pins: 3.3V, GND, TX and RX need to be connected. The cable uses 7 wires to match ESCs 7 pin connector. We can not provide a cable with missing wires and we don't really have time to remove them. You can't power the module with 5V.

Why is there a second JST connector in the package?

Just in case we include a spare JST connector. In case if you manage to destroy the first one.

Is it possible to change external/internal antenna afterwards?

No, unfortunately it is not possible. Antenna connector is missing and antenna capacitor is located in a hard to reach area under the shield. Please note that removing the metal shield voids the warranty.

Where is the PIN code for Metr Pro module?

You can find the PIN code on the back side of the module.

How to setup CAN when using multiple ESCs?

Follow the instructions at the VESC-Project website. There is nothing to configure in Metr app. Leave everything by default.

I have HM-10, FLIPSKY nRF51, etc. Why doesn't app find it?

The app only works with our modules. You can buy the module here.

Does the app work with Raptor 2?

Yes, but you have to buy our bluetooth module and replace the old module in your Raptor 2.

Does Metr Pro work with FOCBOX UNITY?


Is there Apple Watch / Android Wear smartwatch support?

Yes, both Apple Watch and Android Wear are supported. Check setup page for instructions how to view the data on your watch.

Does it work with Samsung Gear smartwatch?


How do I add overlays to videos?

Follow the steps described here.